Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brown Bagging It!

After being diagnosed with Celiac disease I went off gluten and started to feel a bit better within a couple of weeks. My migraines and daily headaches went away, my stomach felt better. That weird brain cloud I was stuck in started to dissipate. It was great! I kept waiting to not be a total bitch 24/7, but it seems as though that is never going away. I went on Pinterest and started collecting gluten free recipes but lets face it, most gluten free recipes suck. Pizza with a cauliflower crust? I don't think so. That's not even pizza, its a casserole in the shape of a pie. But I felt better, so onward I moved. However by February, I started sliding back. Quite honestly I didn't think much about it but then I went in for my follow up and was surprised that my doctor was so surprised. Mostly I think he was just put out that this wasn't the easy case he was expecting that day. Nobody really likes to have to work, not even doctors.

You know what I don't really like? Having to go in to a small room with a relative stranger and forced to discuss my toilet habits. Its really embarrassing; my diarrhea this, my vomiting that. Wha, what did you just ask me was fully formed? I want OUT of this conversation. Then I hear the words "stool sample." I want OUT of this room. I did not choose gastroenterology as my specialty in life, never trust anyone who's professional moto is "I shit you not."

Aside from that, he kept asking my if I was indeed sticking with a gluten free diet. This is what is so frustrating, that people think its just soooo easy. Typically when one is in need of some comfort you don't take things away, but that's the process. Clearly he didn't believe me, but I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. So maybe I hit my limit at this point in the conversation. Yes, I am gluten free, even though its expensive and time consuming AND even though it doesn't seem to be helping. So when should I stop being gluten free? Cuz if I'm going to be miserable, I might as well eat pizza. He struggled a bit to respond, but essentially told me to stick with my gluten free diet.

So he said he had some lab tests he wanted me to do and based on what came back he might want to do more testing. He left and I waited for his nurse for what he termed lab orders. Shortly after, in walks the nurse with a large brown bag. Oh no you didn't! I know what a brown bag means and it is never good news. Are you shitting me? Nope, I shit you not.

I don't claim to be the best patient in the world. It took me like 2 months to do that "test."

Jumping to present day, I'm still gluten free AND its Christmas! So as a little bonus I'm sharing a gluten free holiday recipe. Hello Cranberry Ginger Cocktails. I wish this was my own recipe, but I borrowed it from Allyson over at her Domestic Superhero blog. Its not a gluten free blog, but this drink is!
Mix vodka, cranberry juice, and gingerale. Add frozen cranberries. There you go, Merry Christmas.

Here is a link to her blog. http://domesticsuperhero.com/

I'd also like to put it out there that I am in total compliance with doctors orders to stay away from coffee, soda, and alcohol, so I will not be drinking this glass of deliciousness. Wink, wink. You can find a complete listing of gluten free alcoholic drinks on my Pinterest board under "Melissa's Bar" Feel free to follow the link http://www.pinterest.com/missymaui/melissa-s-bar/

That cauliflower crust pizza recipe above can be found under my Gluten Free Menu Pinterest board http://www.pinterest.com/missymaui/gluten-free-menu/