Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alice In Wonderland Swallowed A Pill, and it Didn't Do Her Any Good!

So today I find myself at a bit of a crossroad. I'm supposed to have a capsule endoscopy. I don't want it! I guess you're not supposed to admit that you've given up, but I'm just too exhausted to give a shit anymore.

I'm not really sure why I have to do it either. It didn't sound as though there was any value in doing this latest procedure except that it seems to be one of the few left that I haven't done. It sounded fairly easy at first, basically just swallow a pill (camera), wear some device around your waist for 8 hours while you go about your day and then turn in the device in the evening. Doesn't sound painful or invasive, so less reluctantly than usual, I agreed. A woman named Mayra called two weeks later to set up the appointment. She was nice but she informed me there was a prep. It's basically the same as a colonoscopy prep but with over the counter meds. What?! Okay, two agenda items: 1) Colonoscopy - please never say that word to me. I'm trying to forget mine, enough said. 2) Fasting with self induced diahrrea - this is the exact opposite of what I am trying to accomplish health wise. I already have these symptoms and I'm actually paying a ton of cash in copays and percriptions in an effort to get these symptoms to stop. Now I'm gonna do it to myself?

So, decision making time. Do I cancel or show up. I have two weeks to weigh my options. This ones not so easy for me. I hate going through all these procedures and lab tests. I know they're going to hurt and/or waste my time, but ultimately I suck it up and do it because I think, maybe at the end of this one there will be some sort of relief. Well, fast forward to today, there is never any comfort or relief. Just a bill from Scripps at the end of a billing cycle.

And on that note, I will leave you with a recipe for gluten free comfort food. Just kidding, gluten free food sucks - have a glass of wine and enjoy.

Until next time!